Teen Pregnancy Outreach

While offering unity and friendship, the Teen Outreach Program provides positive learning environments in which teens receive education and guidance in goal setting and decision making.


  • Abstinence Education:  Teaches the importance of abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage, avoiding an unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and AID'S.
  • Teen Prepared Childbirth: Participant is educated and supported enabling them to make informed decisions throughout their personal journeys of labor, birth, and postpartum.
  • Parenting Skills: Participant will learn responsible, parenting skills, as well as, day to day care of their child.
  • Ferrum College
    • Provides a list of agencies that can be of service to the expectant Ferrum College Student
    • Teaches the importance of prenatal care and how to obtain it
    • Provides a list of educational classes available to become good parents
    • Provide support throughout their personal journey of labor, birth, and postpartum