In this one night, two hour long class, participants will:

  • understand the pros/cons of breastfeeding
  • advantages include: positive health effects, cheaper, mom recovers faster, reduced chance of cancer
  • components of milk; colostrums, mature milk, foremilk, hindmilk
  • helpful hints- nipple care, relaxation, calming/alerting techniques, and latch-on
  • facts to remember: duration of breastfeeding and amount to feed baby
  • recognize the different nursing patterns and identify problems as they are occurring
  • possible problems: plugged ducts & how to handle and mastitis & symptoms
  • how to store breast milk
  • demonstrate the proper nursing position
  • understand prevention and management of sore nipples, engorgement, and decreased milk supply
  • be aware of emotional, physical, and sexual aspects of breastfeeding

The more you nurse the more milk you will produce!