Prepared Childbirth Classes

childbirth classes


Informing women how to make the most of their pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. Teach the expectant mother what to expect during labor and birth. Also, explaining medical and non-medical pain management. Furthermore, creating awareness and knowledge about post-partum.

This class is six two hour sessions that will include:

Session I

  • Terminology used by medical staff such as dilation, effacement and station of the head
  • Possible minor discomforts that may be experienced during pregnancy and solutions to alleviate this discomfort
  • What to pack for a hospital stay
  • How to write a birth plan
  • Body mechanics that allow for more comfortable movements and positions
  • Kegel exercises to keep pelvic floor or pubococcygeus (PC) muscle in shape
  • Relaxation exercises such as shoulder and forehead press, shoulder and neck massage, and breathing

Session II

  • Review dilation, effacement & station
  • Signs & symptoms of preterm labor and regular labor
  • Stage one early and active labor- “What’s Happening?”
  • Labor variations; precipitate – 3hrs or less, prolonged – 24hrs plus, back labor, and induced labor
  • Video: Wendy’s Birth
  • Time contractions
  • Back Massage
  • Total Body Relax with slow pace breaths
  • Video on Breastfeeding and why you should breastfeed

Session III

  • Review signs of labor and early & active labor
  • Last phase of stage one labor, Transition- “What’s Happening?”
  • Stage two: pushing and birth of the baby & the placenta
  • Medical interventions: fetal monitoring, I.V. Fluids & reasons, prolonged labor & VBAC, induction & strep B+, medications & med problems, ROM (rupturing membranes)
  • Video: Judith’s birth
  • Emergency delivery: almost always very fast, easy and uncomplicated
  • Labor Practice with clothes pin and modified breathing
  • Back massage

Session IV

  • Review phases of labor
  • Pain sheet scale and pain medication preference; discussion of what it means and how the partner, doula and caregiver help
  • Medications available during labor and birth and the affect they have on the entire body
  • Discussion of types of drugs, how/when given, duration, purpose, possible effects on mother, baby and labor
  • Video: Medications
  • Hospital Tour
  • Alternatives: Labor Practice- ice, hand and back massage

Session V

  • Review medications
  • Reason why, the actual procedure, and recovery of a cesarean section
  • Video: Just In Case
  • Labor Practice- ice, hand and back massage
  • Alternative: Hospital tour

Session VI

  • Review: C-Sections
  • Post-partum, the emotions that sometimes surface after birth, recovery and the restoration of the body back to its non-pregnant state
  • Video: Staying Sane
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Over all Review: Questions/Situations

Free gift packets and educational information are given out at each session